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All day, everywhere, viewers depend on BlacNN - for its astonishing coverage of breaking news and dynamic blend of civil issues and in-depth analysis as well as entertainment. With more worldwide movements than any other media operation, BlacNN’s respected family are uniquely positioned to put viewers in the center of the day’s hottest music, whenever & wherever they happen. This is BlacNN - the hardest black network in History.

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• SemiMajor Recording Industry
• SemiMajor Billboards
• Hip Hop Empire Magazine
• EmpireVizion
• WWHE EmpiRadio
• OSCO Business Suite
• Project M.A.D.E. 7 Foundation
• IndieBoom Music Distribution
• Real VS Fake Magazine
• Mixtape Dynasty (For DJs)
• EmpireIAM
• ArtisLAB Studio
• Lifeless Immortal Music Group
• L.I. Army News & Media Center
• WuWorldwide DJ Coalition
• Great Lakes Advocacy
• IllumiNOT Clothing Co

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